Give Me My Spaceman NFT Collection

A lot has been going on since I last updated my website, from building a XL 7 foot tall spaceman to showcase at Art Miami/Context Art Fair during Art Basel in Miami, too finally having time to build my first NFT collection.  This first series I am working on is utilizing my spaceman image I took of the collage work, then from there I am creating one of a kind out of 200 versions of it that I am minting on the Ethereum blockchain.  I am playing with photoshop still versions, but I am also taking my photoshop skills into after effects, and making some animated versions too.  Last is I am playing around with 3D animation software, and see what kind of ideas I can blend in from there too.  Click here to launch collection on opensea

Just launched a few NFTz on Rarible, check out the link below.  One is the Night Flight version of my new Jet Set artwork, and the other is a complex animated one that I put together. Click here to launch my profile on Rarible

Brayden Bugazzi is a artist based in the Los Angeles area who makes art inspired by Pop culture, and different aspects of human culture.  His works are mixed media, but the foundation of his work is collage, and one of the main ingredients in his art is recycled materials primarily from magazines and books.

Recent work titled Gigi the Geisha Girl

Recent Commission

Brayden Bugazzi has some select works listed on Artsy