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He knew when he first laid eyes on the 1974 Bugazzi Lincoln Mark IV for the first time, that he has seen something that represented what he represented in his art.  It is taking something classic, yet sophisticated for a moment in time, and refashioning it into a framework that any age range can enjoy.

Brayden with Artist Karen Bystedt next to an artwork they collaborated on based on her photographic image of Andy Warhol.  Photo credit Lilly Lawrence Getty Images.

Unofficial more in depth bio:

In his artistic pursuits, some might think taking your time to produce something is counterproductive to staying profitable.  He hears the noise, people saying that you can’t just only produce a low number of new original works a year, but he blocks it out.  The reason is to really do one thing, yes that one thing that is truly great in ones blink of an eye life might just take some time mashed in with technical knowhow, along with some clever conceptual ideas fused into the framework.  He thinks of himself like Christian Bale getting ready for the role, and really embodying the character, watch the machinist some time if you want to know what getting into the role is.  He likes to get old books at my favorite used book shop, watch old movies, get magazines online, so that he can complete a full spectrum tribute work to the Pop Icons I choose to portray in my artworks.  He knows that he is not going to produce at some huge level of works ready to be funneled into thousands of trendy spots all over like some of these artists living the baller lifestyle.  Although many consider my works to be a luxury item, for him just being able to produce works on an elevated level is what drives his desires, and he is always so appreciative of everyone that has made this possible.  Trust in him to really focus on delivering some great work, and if you have not seen it in person, feel free contacting us on locations his work is on display, because it looks amazing in person, and the photos can only give you so much of what it looks like in the real world.

The Beginning

I started obsessively building my photos out of recycled magazines, and as I created more and more collages, I started to mix more and more elements into them.  As a photographer through the years I started to build a fascination with the idea of how disposable printed media is, and also a internal feeling of sadness for how the digital revolution has cheapen the cost of photography work.  With many years of working in the digital realm, I also felt this need to build with my hands, and have more of a physical connection with my work.  As well I  Internally I feel a satisfaction into breathing new life into these discarded magazines.

While developing my craft, I started to become very proficient with the x-acto knife, that my mother an art teacher that used to carve stamps taught me how to use at an early age.  I am able to create a cohesive collage when say for an example I cut all the eye lashes out, instead of painting them, because if I don’t it may detract from the quality of the collage work by cheating and using paint on the detail work.

When the viewer sees my work, they are first taken in by the bright colors, and the fun story lines that I create with the greater image, but as they delve into the details of my work, they may take away a deeper message of longing, and subtle sadness masked by the beauty inherent within.

The journey through the inner trenches of Hollywood, to the ultimate development of a Mixed Media Artist:

In 2010 Brayden Bugazzi started to revisit his passions for Art partially due to a down economy, when a wealthy owner and art collector who owned one the of the properties he rented out for one of his shoots that he befriended asked if he could create something artistic with his photography work.  At the time Brayden had been hit so hard during the recession, and with the hyper competitive nature of being a photographer in LA that he was forced to live in the RV he had originally bought for his photography business when his landlord hiked the rent up 40 percent.  He was parked a few blocks from the famous walk of stars, and felt bad at first, but it really started to feel like and adventure, and he spent hours upon hours making it look amazing inside.  Surprisingly enough the guy in the RV a few spaces down from his RV was also an accomplished photographer, and had been published in magazines like Vogue to name a few, and also been hit with the digital revolution in photography.  Brayden rented a work space and started to build a super complex work of art for the patron who sensed the artist deep within the photographer, and Brayden felt rejuvenated because for the first time in years since graduating art school he finally had full creative control again!  The work was using one of his photographs that he photoshopped an apocalyptic oil run environment, with a beautiful model striking a pose in the middle of it all.  Then he converted it into a 3D lenticular image, and built an intense frame with a light box built behind and the work measured 46×58 inches in size.

Apocalyptic Beauty

Another image from the series

Things started to get ugly for him

At night he would be at crazy parties around Hollywood, hung out with celebrities, and was living the Hollywood lifestyle, but internally he was just thinking about the fire that had been lit inside of him again after completing his first big artwork after years of only focus on photography.  One night his world got turned upside down when he was at a club in Hollywood and a bouncer must have mistaken him for someone else because he grabbed him out of the blue and slammed his head against the wall knocking him into delirium, and not knowing who was attacking him he started to struggle with this person, leading the entire force of bouncers grabbing him by all of his limbs.  They threw him outside face first into a big tree outside the door, and stomped and kicked him till he was passed out.  His friend took him to the RV, as he woke up in agonizing pain in the morning he heard gun shots outside, and a mad man was running around a few blocks away killing random people.  Also he was watching the news and he worried because there was an arsonist running around Hollywood setting cars, dumpsters, and different things on fire every night right around where he was parked.  He was in a deep dark place feeling agonizing pain from his injuries, and was on the verge of packing it up, and move from LA, when he ripped up a magazine that he always wanted to see his work published in.  It fell to the floor of his RV and it looked like the pieces of the magazine formed a face.  With the faint fire still burning, he decided to give his life in LA one more try, but he was going to work on Art on the side, and move away from the fast paced, sometimes overly judgmental lifestyle of a Hollywood Photographer.  He quit drinking, and stopped going to bars, instead started doing more constructive things like red carpet events, art shows, and small events around town.  By not being surrounded as much by distracting things all of the time, he was able to finally build a solid relationship with a nice girl he met in the area, and that had been hard in the past because his primary subject matter as a photographer was glamour and beauty.

He received a nice payment from his first art commission and took funds to secure a lease on small apartment in Burbank, sold his RV, and felt that fire burn brighter and brighter inside as he started to build his art business.  He showcased some of the works he did in the interim in Malibu, but the first gallery he found wanting to showcase his work in Santa Monica was interested in these new hybrid collage pieces he created.  At that first show he sold the collage works, and the gallery owner had customers wanting him to create some new editions from these initial artworks he had done, thus leading to him inventing a new process of new art creation similar to the original, but new versions with new abstract paint, and collage work over a his unique custom processing.  From there he has found more galleries, and he has been able to finally move the art into his main source of income, allowing him to hit his works full force, nothing holding him back.  He was finally able to move into a larger workspace, that allows him to do really elaborate woodworking. He has even done a few murals around Hollywood, also built LED lighting into the murals, and taken part in top shows associated with Art Basel Miami, LA Art Show, on top of showing in big galleries from coast to coast, on 3 different continents, 7 countries, and has been selling to buyers from all around the world, on top of several A list celebrities owning and showcasing his work.  He truly loves what he does, and is obsessive about his pieces, and he creates unique frames from scratch for the pieces to give a full 360 art experience. Having a first hand experience in his years working in Hollywood he knows that fame, or money are of non importance in the grand scheme of things, those two things in excess will only distract, his only one desire is to one day create a work that is so complex, so intricate in detail that it will blow the minds of all who view it, and to view it in a way that doesn’t need a name next to it to validate it.  Then he met his lovely wife, and it was game over, time to focus, because he now has endless inspiration!! Obviously he would Love for Brayden Bugazzi to be known, but he doesn’t want a known name to be all that makes the work. Enough already, truth be told you are why I do this, and you, yes you reading this, know this, know that I love you!  Time for some art hustle, ttys!

Here is a link to an article that a Los Angeles Fashion Magazine did about his work if you want learn more about his background: Click here for Article