LA Art Show Los Angeles, CA – bG Gallery
Hamptons Art Market Hamptons, NY – bG Gallery
San Fran Art Market San Francisco, CA – bG Gallery
Echoes of the flame Tragically Hip Muskoka, Ontario – Bracebridge
Song Word group Show Westhills, CA – Song Word Art Gallery
Pop up Pop Art Artshow in the Beverly Center Beverly Hills, CA – Lost Warhols
Currently on display
Happy Hour Gallery Hamptons NYC
On permanent display, if your in Aspen come by Apen, CO – Royal Street Fine Art
Coming Up:
Art Basel Week Miami Scope


Due to Covid restrictions Brayden didn’t participate in many shows, but was still able to be involved in some of the biggest events going on in 2021
Art Miami – Context Art Fair During Art Basel Week Miami
LA Art Show Los Angeles, CA – bG Gallery
Song Word group Show, Malibu CA


LA Art Show Los Angeles, CA – One with the St Jude booth to help an amazing cause, and the other with The Gallery Steiner from Vienna


Rockwell Museum, Lost Warhols, Corning, New York
LA Art Show, Los Angeles, CA
Aspen Art Fair
Influenced by Pop Solo Show ACCA Gallery, Beverly Hills, CA
Frieze Week – Art In LA Affair, Hollywood, CA
Art Basel Week – Aqua Art Fair, Miami FL
Currently On Display:
Lost Warhols Pop Up at the Beverly Center – Beverly Hills, CA
All year display at the Royal Street Fine Art Gallery – Aspen, CO right next to Louis Vuitton on Mill St

2018 In Review

Shanghai Art Fair
Context Art Far during Art Basel Miami
Art Marbella Art Fair, Spain
W Hotel and Global Images USA, Hollywood, CA
Lost Warhols Exhibit in the Micheal Kors Building for Gods Love we Deliver NYC, NY published on Vogue.com and in NY Post
Lost Warhols Exhibit In Dublin, Ireland at Brown Thomas, published Ireland Times
Lost Warhols Exhibit Playa Vista, CA published in La Weekly
Samhart Gallery in Switzerland
Royal Street Fine Art Aspen, CO
Pop Up Show in Winwood Miami, FL
C Gallery on Broadway Long Beach, CA
The Emoji Art Benefit Los Angeles, CA
Iheart Fashion with Six Summit Gallery Los Angeles, CA
And now on Artsy.com


Art Marbella

Marbella, Spain

Brayden is showcasing some works in association with the Steiner gallery

Steiner Gallery

Vienna, Austria

Showcased some works with them in association with the Art Marbella

Samhart Gallery

Neuchâtel, Switzerland

Brayden is currently displaying his fun oconic pop artworks

Ludlow Show Room Art Gallery

New York City, NY

Brayden Recently flew out to NYC to drop of several works as seen in the images above

Micheal Kors Building and God’s Love We Deliver

Manhattan, NYC

Brayden Built a tribute based on a photograph of Andy Warhol taken by Karen Bystedt, and God’s Love We Deliver put it up in the Micheal Kors building in NYC.  There was even a photo published on Vogue.com of a famous NYC socialite striking a pose on it before they put it up, and the New York post chose the collaboration piece they did, to be featured in an article they did about the event publishing Braydens name below the image of the work.

LA Fashion Week The Art of Fashion

Los Angeles, CA

Showcased a bunch of works in the MacArthur the primary hub of LA Fashion week.

Sur La Mur Gallery at the Pacific Design Center

West Hollywood, CA

Recently took part in one of their group shows, and have bigger shows planned out in future dates, stay tunned.

Santa Monica Art Studios

Santa Monica, CA

On Sat, Dec 2nd 2017 6-8pm There was an artshow that Brayden is involved with at Santa Monica Art Studios, 3026 Airport Avenue, Santa Monica, 90405; http://www.santamonicaartstudios.com .

AC Gallery

Hollwood, CA and Miami, FL

AC Gallery has been Brayden’s Primary residence gallery, and he have been in numerous shows with them since 2015 to present.  He also did a Mural on the side of the Hollywood gallery, that thousands of people drive by every day.  Click the link to see the mural that lights up: View Mural

Bruce Lurie Gallery

Hollywood, CA

On Aug 12, 2016 Brayden put on a stunning show at the Bruce Lurie Gallery, click here to view a video about it

J Madsen Gallery

Santa Monica, Ca

In 2011 Brayden joined one of the shows that the owner had, all the works he put in the show sold out, so the owner decided to have him as a resident artist.  Through the years he took part in a lot of different shows, and he sold a large volume of original works and second editions through that gallery.

Royal Street Fine Art

Aspen, CO

In 2012 Brayden did a ski inspired work, and being that he had some connections in Aspen in one of his trips out he connected with the owners of the gallery.  From that point on he has something on display there, and he constantly sells different works season after season.

Gabba Gallery

Los Angeles, CA

Gabba gallery is a well know gallery in Los Angeles that always has something going on, Brayden has taken part in some of the shows, and is friends with and supports Jason Ostro, the gallery Director and Curator.

A Weekend of Art Event w/ bG Galleries

Malibu, CA

In 2012 Brayden first showcased his new works at a special event in Maibu in coordination with the bG Gallery of Santa Monica.  Had quite a turn out, and was a big success for him, laying out the next steps in his art adventure/career.  Here is a link to a short video on the event to get a better idea of what it was like Click Here

Dallas CityScape

Dallas, Tx

In 2013 Brayden was commissioned to do a massive light box 3D lenticular artwork in the Dallas CityScape project to help raise awareness for the East Dallas Community Schools.  This project provided the seed money for him to be able to take further steps into the art arena.  Click Here to View Video