Give me my Spaceman

After years of tinkering, I finally completed my XL 7 foot tall spaceman to showcase at Art Miami/Context Art Fair during Art Basel in Miami.  It is hard to just sell a giant spaceman, and everyone was talking about the NFT boom, so I decided a series spawned from my giant super Mixed Media work was a good first series to do.  First I took a super high res image of all of the collage work that made up the spaceman, then from there I am creating one of a kind out of 200 versions of it that I am minting on the Ethereum blockchain.  Some of them are simple photoshop still versions, but since the beginning of 2022 I have really been setting time aside to learn after effects, plus not to toot my own horn or anything but considering I am a photoshop master, I am getting pretty good at making animations.  Last is I am playing around with 3D animation software, and seeing what kind of ideas I can blend in from there too, along with some of these cool AI programs like Disco Infusion.  Click here to launch collection on opensea


I want to make this collection into something I manage, and look after through out my lifetime, that is why I am not doing thousands of  slightly different version, but sticking to a small more manageable number, with a fairly broad difference between each one.  I would like this to be something a little more unique and special for the holders, than maybe what they are used too.  A little less about the hype machine of what is hot for that moment, and more connected on to who I am as an artist, and the past works I have built.  When someone sees one of my works hanging at their friends house, and they are interested in what kind of NFTz I have produced, I don’t want them finding some mickey mouse, slapped in online to get a quick buck kind of shiz under my umbrella of work when they search me.  I want this series to be the bedrock of my digital presence, even it there is a small number of people that own them, because I want them to pride in their ownership, and see it as something special.  I also want to, and have already done a lot of give always of different avenues I am exploring in the NFT world.  For example I gave away the Night Flight still from my Lets Get Jet Set series to all of my token holders, and if anyone buys a Give Me My Spaceman, I will also give them a Night Flight too, till they run out.

Serious Art Only and Temple House Miami

I was invited to be involved with Serious Art Only, and their NFT platform.  I thought it would be a good fit, because they are putting together more established artists who are more about their voice as an artist vs the pure hype aspect of the industry. I wanted it to be my first series that incorporates my regular collage work that I am known for and what has helped build my career as an artist. I am also excited on how they are incorporating their Temple House Venue in Miami with the digital world.  click here to launch my profile with them

Letz Get Jet Set 2022

I playing around with creating some new all digital works based on my classic works.  As of today, I got a burst of interests in my regular real world works, so I am taking a hiatus from doing any more of these digital creation, but keep an eye out, maybe more in 2023.  More about these, this first one I recreated one my international hits Letz Get Jet Set Mr Palmer, and I created a 3D model, and texture mapped my collage work on her skin.  Then added in a bunch of luxurious components that make one want to get Jet Set.  Check out the link below to Rarible, there is two different versions one is the still Night Flight version of my new Jet Set artwork, and the other is a complex animated one that I put together. Click here to launch my profile on Rarible

Mini Movies

I put this on the bottom, because at this point it is more of a fun side pursuit.  I love the show Death and Robots on netflix, and was inspired to create some of my own fun mini movies with the artistic essence of what all I am doing.  First one I created, I was doing for the spaceman, but it just spun out of control, and I just made an entire sequence based on a break dancing spaceman.  Then next movie I made I was asked by a gallery I work closely with to put something together for the San Fran Art Market Artfair for the NFT display that they had up.  I found some photographs from a trip up to New England, and let my imagination run wild.  Take a look, I am also always down to create something custom, and unique for someone that is vibing what I am doing. Click here to launch collection on Opensea