Pop Icons – SOLD

I have been living in the Hollywood area over the past 13 plus years.  A gallery I am working with asked me if there is anything Hollywood related that I could do on the side of their gallery they are opening up, I knew that Marilyn Monroe was a someone to start with because of her ongoing influence in pop …

Jet Set City Lights – SOLD

Mixed media 40×54. Due to the popularity of Brayden’s Jet Set Series, he has been asked by a prestigious establishment in the art world to do a brand new rendition of his world renown Lets Get Jet Set Mr Palmer works he produced last year based on his first big art sale in 2012 Palmers Girl Has a Crush.  It …

Refracted Fashionista

This artwork is 46 x 56 inches, and is mixed media.  It consists of 4 levels of layering built in wood, with other interesting materials like metallic prints, and glitter covered card stock.  For the frame Brayden took his signature framing, and cut into it to add extra dimension to it.

Warhol The Game Changer – SOLD

Brayden like a lot of people that lived through the 80’s couldn’t help but see the influence Andy Warhol had.  Now with the celebrity culture, TMZ, you name it, people really have seen Andy Warhol was ahead of his time.  He said in the future everyone will get their 15 mins, and to a certain extent that is coming true …

King B – SOLD

As a young man Brayden first became aware of Basquiat in his early teens, and was instantly a super fan.  As he grew older, and became more aware of Art in America he really started to understand the impact Basquiat has is his short time on this earth.  When he found out that his work was going to be displayed …

M – Can’t Stop Won’t Stop – SOLD

This work was inspired by the long career of Madonna.  Brayden wanted to take on something with a lot of detail to showcase his collage technique.  He loved the complicated nature of the strands of hair in her wet hair, so he went to town ordering magazines from all over about her career and hitting them with the exacto knife …

Forever Prince – SOLD

40×96 Mixed media primarily collage from recycled magazines, 3D lenticular, metallics, laser cut items, LED lighting, and glazed elements.  

Tinderella Did It All For The Cookie – SOLD

40×54 with built in frame, mixed media primarily collage from fortune cookie fortunes, 3D lenticular, metallics, laser cut items, laser engraved plexiglass, LED lighting, and glazed elements.

A Loss

I built this artwork in early 2015 because I loved Robin Williams, and felt a big loss when he passed.  It is 48×48, and is made from cut out pieces of wood, gold leaf, collage made out of used scratchers (loosing scratchers btw to go with the theme, and I used the winners to buy more loosing ones), LED lights, …

Queen – SOLD

I did this work for Queen Latifah, and I based around her amazing career, and impact in Pop Culture.  32×48 is mixed media, magazine collage, and abstract paint, except all collage work in the details.